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Jessica Sanchez unleashes the passion on 'American Idol'

Jessica Sanchez singing Alicia Keys' "Fallin' " next on "American Idol." Says mentor Jimmy Iovine worked with her a lot tonight to make sure she doesn't wind up in the bottom again.

She is not messing around tonight; goes big from the get-go, then contrasts it with perfect vocal control. Such lethal power, one of those dangerous singers who you can't take your eyes off of.

She's my favorite contestant of the final seven; didn't give us a moment with that one and no standing ovation from the judges, but the audience loved it.

Steven Tyler tells her she was great, and was happy she unleashed the passion. Jennifer Lopez loved how she played with the song, calls it insane. Randy Jackson says, "I don't even know if you know how good you really are, and how great you can be."

Was a little disappointed -- but only because I expect so much more from her than everyone else (except for Joshua Ledet), so what ranks as only a good performance for her would be great coming from anyone else.

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