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Pat Robertson slams 'SNL' but ...

Scene from

Scene from "Family Guy." Credit: Handout

You've no doubt heard or read by now that televangelist Pat Robertson criticized the Jason Sudeikis/Jesus skit on Tim Tebow that closed Saturday's show (there's a clip of his comments below). But I'd also point out that the skit was tepid compared with the handful of "South Park" depictions of Jesus over the years, or the many more on "Family Guy," above -- oh yes, especially those.

Jesus has almost been a regular character on the latter , and in one famous, or infamous, instance appears at the family dinner table to perform various miracles, most notably on Meg's anatomy. And remember the "South Park" episode in which Jesus and Santa Claus perform a Vegas lounge lizard act together?

The clips -- easily accessible on Hulu or South Park Studios' website -- have had a long life on the Web, with dozens of millions of hits. But, to my knowledge anyway, they've never elicited a similar response from Robertson. I'd post them here, but they are certainly offensive to many people, and it's not my purpose or intention to offend people on this blog -- except when writing about the Kardashians.

"SNL" isn't commenting about this, but why should it? The skit's gone viral, and the show wants Tebow to guest host next year. Who knows -- maybe he will.

Meanwhile, Robertson says "if this was a Muslim country" and Muhammad were so depicted in a sketch, there would be "bombs" going off and "bodies on the street." Of course, that's pretty much a nonsequitur -- this isn't a "Muslim country" and we do have freedom of speech, freedom for  speech that is even hateful or bigoted or blasphemous.

Nevertheless, don't forget that "South Park" did bleep references to Muhammad in an episode after Trey Parker and Matt Stone were subjected to vaguely threatening declarations on the Web that their fate would mirror that of Theo van Gogh, the Dutch film director who was murdered after his film on the mistreatment of women in Islam appeared. (Muhammad was later shown wearing a big teddy bear costume in that episode last year.)  

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