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Jim Ranger gets grilled for his lifestyle on 'American Idol'

Jim Ranger, a laid-back 'worship pastor' is up next on 'American Idol' in LA, he just gives off a nice vibe, sings his own song, "Drive." It's not bad! Has a nice tone, lyrics are protypical SoCal sunny.

Simon likes him, calls him "authentic," Avril says if you're married with 3 kids and you're a pastor, it might be hard to be a pop star, you have to travel and leave everything... but you have a good voice.

She votes no, Simon and Randy yes, Kara is also suddenly concerned with his lifestyle, says she doesn't know how he can do it all -- but says yes, and he's through.

He's sobbing afterwards, really seems like a good guy; so interesting that Avril and Kara brought up the hardships of being a pop star; never seen that before, but you know, it's a good point.

Damien Lafavour, who they show goofily doing martial arts, says he's also a pacifist. He says he's willing to swallow his pride and not fight sometimes, which is a bad omen. Also makes sandwiches, he tells the judges. Can't remember that he's singing "You've Lost That Loving Feeling," and it's forgettable.

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