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Jimmy Fallon creates Tebowie character

Jimmy Fallon as Tebowie in

Jimmy Fallon as Tebowie in "Late Night with Jimmy Fallon" Episode 603. Photo Credit: NBC

What's the surest benefit of the Tim Tebow trade to the New York Jets?

It won't be the rise in random kneeling around the area. It won't be all the Williamsburg hipsters starting to write Bible verses or other messages on their faces.

No, barring some sort of Tebow-led playoff run for the Jets this season, the biggest benefit of his arrival will be: More Tebowie!

Tebowie, the Jimmy Fallon character created for his late-night talk show that combines Tebow with the glam-rock-era David Bowie, has been a surefire winner in his two appearances. Following the debut of Tebowie in January with a new version of "Space Oddity," the character returned last week dressed in a football jersey and metallic boots. He reworked "Ziggy Stardust" into a tale about Peyton Manning, who took his QB1 spot on the Denver Broncos.

"Tebow prayed to God, begging him to smite the Mannings and find him a job," he sang. "Just not on the Lions, but maybe the Giants. . . ."

It only took hours before Tebowie's prayers -- and those of glam-rock-loving music fans -- were answered, making the song's triumphant end ring true: "Tebow plays football!"

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