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Jimmy Fallon dusts off 'Late Night' for 'Tonight'

Host Jimmy Fallon and

Host Jimmy Fallon and "Divergent" actress Shailene Woodley play a game of Double Turtleneck Ping Pong on Wednesday, March 12, 2014 during a taping of "The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon" in Manhattan. Credit: AP / Lloyd Bishop

As Jimmy Fallon's "Tonight Show" hums along nicely -- and will in fact turn 1 month old next week -- one of the pleasures of watching has been to determine which sketches are new, and which are recycled from "Late Night with Jimmy Fallon." 

So far, almost all are recycled to some degree (as far as I can tell), like "Pros and Cons," "Thank You Notes," and so on. Just to be clear, there's certainly nothing wrong with that, and pretty much everything right: Why discard material that worked so well before, this time for many new viewers? Plus, Fallon always said he was going to do the same show. Promise kept! There were in fact many dozens of bits from the old "Late Night," a regular hothouse of comedy sketch material - well over a hundred bits. Expect many more to be reborn here.

Wednesday night is a good example: Just about everything, best I could tell, had been done before on "Late Night" (with the exception of the Putin impression): "Flaming Eyes," "Black Simon & Garfunkel," "Audience Suggestion Box"  and ..."Yahoo Answers." 

Check it out: Audra McDonald, who does this flawlessly, reprises a bit that is very amusing ..."Yahoo Answers:" 

(App readers, watch the video here: Unfortunately, this content is unavailable on mobile phones.)

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