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Good Afternoon

Jimmy Kimmel finds child stars on LI

Two boys from Medford, C.J. and Jake Booth,

Two boys from Medford, C.J. and Jake Booth, have become a YouTube sensation for lamenting the loss of their Halloween candy in a video prank perpetrated by their mother. YouTube video of Jimmy Kimme'sl youtube challenge, "I told my kids I ate all their Halloween candy!" Credit: YouTube

There may be no meaner "trick" in the "trick or treat" arsenal than telling kids you've eaten all their Halloween candy. Except perhaps telling them that you've eaten all their Halloween candy whilst taping their reaction, and then sending said reaction to "Jimmy Kimmel Live," where it becomes part of one of the most viewed videos in "Jimmy Kimmel Live" history.

 At which point, I suppose, it turns into a better treat than Halloween candy. It did for two very cute kids, C.J., 7, and Jake, 3, who starred in this early November video that promptly went viral and has since been viewed some 18 million times. That's a huge number for anything, but is also veering into Rebecca Black territory ("Fridays" also heated up that quickly).

In any event, my punchline: These lads are from Long Island. They are C.J. and Jake Booth of - I believe - Medford.

See the clip, above, from the Nov. 2 show and go to the show site to watch the boys again -- in what I think is an especially charming appearance. They get a couple of carts and a trip to Disneyland. Their appearance is exactly 15 minutes into Thursday's show, so scroll to that point. Or...even better! Watch the clip right here:

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