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Jimmy Kimmel gets a new open from Industrial Light & Magic

Viewers quickly cruising past "Jimmy Kimmel Live" on Tuesday night may not have noticed anything especially different — unless they actually stopped to take notice: A swirling Capitol Records building that morphs into a record, or palm trees that spring, as if alive, out of Hollywood Boulevard, or building edifices that arise from the squalid splendor of that famous street.

Yup, a new open, and because new opens don't arrive on late-night TV shows all that often, and because Industrial Light & Magic — the legendary visual effects company founded by George Lucas in 1975 to create some of the most indelible special effects in movie history — doesn't contribute its genius to this kind of thing all that often either ... we pause this morning to take notice.

And to applaud. It's quite good. Quick review: I like it, with one tiny qualification — that the clarity seems a little muted, almost blurry, at the outset. It's a high-def world, but Jimmy looks just a little low-def. Otherwise, it's fun. 

But you be the judge. It goes by very quickly, but the IL&M touch is evident throughout.

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