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Jimmy Kimmel reveals he was behind twerking fail video

Jimmy Kimmel revealed last night that he orchestrated

Jimmy Kimmel revealed last night that he orchestrated the highly-watched YouTube video of the "Worst Twerker Ever." Above he addresses the April 15, 2013, bombings in Boston on this show that night, calling the attacks "disgusting." Credit: Getty Images

If you were alive yesterday and anywhere near a computer, where hundreds of millions of people waste their lives watching idiotic videos on YouTube, then you are aware of the "Worst Twerker Ever," a young woman who falls down on a table after an upside-down-twerk and catches fire. After all, it made many news shows, too, many putative news shows, and many silly shows — including one that is fundamentally all three, "The View." 

Turns out it was all a fake -- the video that is. Jimmy Kimmel revealed the stunt last night, and I'm of two minds about the cleverness of this whole gambit: 1.) It exposed the media's willingness to swallow nonsense when a simple "is this a fake?" by a producer or two might reveal the truth. 2.)  It could have inspired copycats, some of whom may have already burned down their homes by now ...

 But kudos to Kimmel -- one of the more clever late night gambits of recent vintage ...

Oh, as a sidenote, gullible news shows weren't the only punked ones - as one eagle-eyed late night viewer notes, Jimmy Fallon fell for this just last week (c;lip below). 

Anyway, here's Jimmy from last night. (App users, view the video at


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