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Good Morning

Joe Halderman up for Emmy; Letterman not...

Interesting and almost certainly irrelevant confluence of facts.   Joe Halderman, the David Letterman extortionist, has been nominated for an Emmy.

Letterman was not -- for the first time in pretty much 30 years or so. A strange coincidence?

Halderman was nominated with several other producuers for a "48 Hours Mystery" edition entitled "American Girl, Italian Nightmare" re Amanda Knox. The category is outstanding continuing coverage of a news story-magazine. The honors will be presented Sept. 27 at Lincoln Center which means. . .

. . . Halderman could actually be able to pick the award up should his group win. He started serving a 6-month sentence in May  reportedly in the jail complex on  Rikers Island. But there is a chance for an early out for good behavior.

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