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John Park advances, Janell Wheeler, Angela Martin too on 'American Idol'

Either room two or room three will take a step towards 'American Idol's' top 24 semifinals. 11:30 p.m. in Hollywood.

Judges come into room two, everyone's somber. Simon speaks, which makes me think they're through. "Most of you were better than we thought you'd be," says Simon. Oh, "it's bad news, you haven't made it." 

Oh no, no more Hope Johnson, she's sobbing; Charity Vance, Lloyd Thomas.... They're all sobbing, hugging.

Randy Jackson tries to fake out room three. Kara puts the knife in too, pretends to be emotional as she says, "you're gonna stay." It's accurate though -- this is the room that had good and bad moments for everyone -- John Park, Angela Martin, Janell Wheeler.

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