Paige Dechausse closes out the Chicago round of "American Idol." Her story is she almost died from a bad asthma attack. She sings "Change is Gonna Come," she has a nice, soulful voice. A bit thin, but good timing and she really puts her heart into it.

Simon found it indulgent and says no. Randy points out the pitch problem, while Shania says yes and Kara sees potential. Up to Randy, they're going to put her through, of course. The woman are really lobbying for her, and they win out as Simon just throws up his hands.

Just minutes left. Justin Ray can sing, gets a few seconds; Keith Semple has a really great tone, like 10 seconds too, Marcus Jones is great, few seconds, too. They all make it, but totally cheated on screen time.

Thirteen made it out of Chicago, but we saw just five of them. One of the poorer audition cities in my opinion. Here's who I liked, in order:

1) John Park, who looks like a South Korean pop star with the fun hair and the sincere gaze, got Shania Twain all giggly and admiring his "really nice bottom end" and "nice lips." He's got charisma and a good voice; now can he capture the tween girls the way he got Shania?

2) Charity Vance, who works in her family's hair salon and made the most out of her smallish voice on "Summertime." She's one to keep an eye on, just has watchability.

3) Paige Dechausse, who has asthma, has a good voice; but we'll find out in Hollywood if she can sing with the big dogs.

4) Angela Martin makes it to Hollywood for the third time with a well-sung "Just Fine." As Kara says, if she's paid off her traffic tickets this time she's got the talent to do better than fine.

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5) Katelyn Epperly showed the look and the vocals with "Syrup and Honey." Just not that excited about her yet, for whatever reason.

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