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John Park falls flat with 'Gravity' on 'American Idol'

John Park tells us on "American Idol" he moved back to South Korea as a kid, so actually spoke Korean before English, until they returned to the States. Singing "Gravity," he comes out in a white T-shirt and black jeans, sitting on a stool.

Oooh, beautiful tone from the get-go, slow and soulful and heartfelt. Has a very sincere look in his eyes, a bit over-emoting maybe but I just like this.There's a bit of Kris Allen lurking with this guy, at the end the crowd actually goes "ooooh" and gives him a nice hand.

Randy wasn't impressed, nothing new, not as good as John Mayer, heard some pitch problems. Ellen says good song choice, could've been more soul. Kara says way better, but didn't always connect, and that he should take some risks.

Simon says this might be it for you, nothing to get excited about, a 'so-what' performance, says it didn't feel authentic.

He has a nice smile and look to him, hope that helps him stick around until he irons out his identity. I like him. And frankly, didn't think it was as bad as the judges piled on.

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