Harold Davis, who says, "I'm tired of eating microwave dinners, I wanna eat steak' as 'Idol' comes back from break in Chicago. He goes on in a Muhammed Ali-esque way for a while, let's see if he brings the goods.

Sings "Nice and Slow," isn't very good at all, blames his "allergies" and then starts crying. The judges are all saddened, tough to see a grown man cry like this. Followed by a bunch of bad people in a row, set to "Don't Impress Me Much." 

John Park next, looks like a South Korean pop star with the hair and the sincerity. Ooooh, he has a nice, deep voice, easy confidence.

Shania says she was really surprised, says he has a "really nice bottom end" and "nice lips" as she nervously twirls her drawstring, cracking everyone up. Kara was surprised too, pleasantly; everyone likes him.

Hmm -- maybe the first Asian American male contender?! He's gotta make sure he stands out, won't always have Shania around to give him his props.

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