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Franklin Square VFW post featured in HBO comedic docuseries

John Wilson of HBO's "How To with John

John Wilson of HBO's "How To with John Wilson." Credit: HBO

For the first time in its history and — just to go a little farther out on a limb here — for the first time in TV history, a Franklin Square VFW post will have a starring role in an HBO series on Friday.

To be precise, that would be Frank P. Curry Jr. VFW Post 2718 at 68 Lincoln Rd., and the show would be "How To with John Wilson" (HBO, 11 p.m.), a freshman comedic docuseries written and produced by Rocky Point native John Wilson.

Now, to your obvious question: Why Post 2718, and why on "How To?" (And, oh, while we're on the subject, who by the way is Wilson?)

A quirky — indeed, eccentric might be a little more on the mark — six-part docuseries based on observational, or "found," comedy, "How To" is about Wilson's efforts to explain to viewers how to make something. Invariably, those efforts do not turn out exactly as hoped, while the host's earnest efforts have often yielded little more than information about his cat (that would be Baby) or landlady (affectionately referred to as "Mama").

Wilson lives in Queens, but his "how to" efforts have taken him far afield. In Idaho, for instance, he went to a very sparsely attended convention devoted to the Mandela effect and whose attendees believed they had lived in different universes. That episode was about "how to improve your memory." Other episodes have been about how to make small talk; how to make scaffolding; how to cover your furniture; and how to make risotto — the subject of next Friday's finale, where Mama gets her close-up.

But back to VFW 2718, a trim, single-story building on a quiet, tree-lined street. Wilson traveled there late last fall for a dinner attended by referees. He came attired as a basketball referee but quickly learns of his faux pas: This was a meeting of soccer refs, none in the uniform of their trade.

Without giving away any other spoilers — not that there are necessarily "spoilers" in the typical "How To" episode — Wilson gains some insights into the refereeing trade.

The episode: "How To Split a Check." Referees, he assumes, would know something about that. (Right?)

Anyway, watch the show. It's hilarious; Wilson, too.

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