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Jon Stewart destroys CNN...but ignores Fox News

Officials in tactical gear stand guard behind a

Officials in tactical gear stand guard behind a Boston Police Department barricade near the site of the Boston Marathon explosions in Boston. The city continues to cope following Monday's explosions near the finish line of the marathon. (April 17, 2013) Credit: AP

In the category of Shooting Dead  Fish in a Barrel, Jon Stewart utterly demolished CNN on last night's "The Daily Show." No surpirse - CNN had one of the worst afternoons in its long history, reporting a "scoop" that a suspect had been arrested in the Boston Marathon bombing case when, in fact, there was no arrest, as various authorities stated, even as CNN was saying there was.

  If you watched CNN, it was indeed ugly  - John  King reporting that this was as solid as it gets, until it all slowly unravelled. King and CNN later tried to cover up the gaff, by slowing removing screen supers, and then talking about how it was attempting to correlate all that was known...until it all fell apart, utterly. 

  But Stewart - unfairly in my opinion - doesn't mention that Fox News Channel - which didn't even bother to cover President Obama's emotional Rose Garden speech following the collapse of his proposed gun bill in the Senate - also reported in no uncertain terms that an arrest had been made. Fox held to line until it no longer could, but the Twittersphere completely ignored its gaff, instead focusing its fury on CNN. AP had also reported an arrest. 

  Too bad - there was plenty of blame to go around, while NBC News' Pete Williams and CBS News got it right....

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