Bill O'Reilly -- long a target, debating partner, guest and even exemplar personified of all that is wrong with TV news of one departing TV host named Jon Stewart -- has written an appreciation of his nemesis.

The punchline: This appreciation is all positive. (My assumption is that this will be part of Thursday's "Talking Points Memo" -- or is the full Memo.)

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Deadline has both the scoop and the brief farewell. Here are Bill's choice observations:

"Unlike some of his soulmates, Jon Stewart is not a malicious man by nature. You can reason with him when he's sober, although there are certain individuals that drive him crazy and he gives them no quarter. In that he's human ...

"Of course, Jon Stewart is being held captive by a self-imposed left wing view of society. That has served him well in the marketplace as his audience of young stoners and aging guys with ponytails lap up his snarky liberal talking points.

"Far more than a comedian dependent upon a squad of jaded writers, Stewart actually thinks about things from time to time.

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"Undeniably, Jon Stewart was great at what he did. Whatever that was."