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Jon Stewart on 'Maddow' worth a look

Jon Stewart appeared on "Rachel Maddow" last night under the most curious of pretexts - to defend himself and the Rally (to restore sanity.)'re interested in Stewart...interested in media criticism...interested in the raps on the rally (from people like Bill Maher)..and interested in how JS goes about defending said rally, it's worth a look.

As you know, Stewart's a very thoughtful guy, and I think the best critic of  the TV cable news rat race there is;  this conversation lays exactly what he wanted the rally the convey, and you're left with the sense - OK, I was - that even he felt it didn't quite convey that by the end of that Saturday afternoon. Ah well, always next year...

By the way, Maddow notes here that Fox News "never" criticized George W. Bush; but that's simply not true. He was a Bill O'Reilly punching bag for years...And lest we forget Alan Colmes? 


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