Good Afternoon
Good Afternoon

Jon Stewart's last 'Daily Show' episode to air August 6

Jon Stewart in October 2014.

Jon Stewart in October 2014. Credit: Getty Images / Rick Kern

In a surprise -- a real one -- Jon Stewart announced that he'll leave "The Daily Show" in early August, or Aug. 6 to be exact. Reason not given on Monday's program -- which he closed with this news -- but it was assumed that this departure might actually take place in the fall. Stewart and Comedy Central had only indicated the endpoint would arrive later this year. Until Monday night.

So consider this bad news for fans: The Stewart run ends soon, very soon.

CC said the show will go on hiatus after that point, and relaunch with Trevor Noah as host in the fall. 

Coincidentally or not, August is also when Brian Williams' six-month suspension ends. Stewart announced Feb. 10 that he would quit the show; that was the very night the hammer came down on his friend, Williams, leading some in the press to speculate that he chose that moment to break his big news to take some of the attention off Williams. 

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