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Joshua Ledet and Jessica Sanchez woozy but safe on 'American Idol'

Powerhouse duet partners Joshua Ledet and Jessica Sancehz up first as "American Idol" cuts to seven -- he's feeling a bit woozy tonight, but soldiering on.

They're the gold standard this season, neither one will be in the bottom three. Mentor Jimmy Iovine makes a good point about Sanchez -- she picked "How Will I Know" last night, which isn't a good enough song for her to really show what she can do. Even second-best for her though trumps pretty much everyone else on the show.

Both are safe, even though Ryan Seacrest first tries to trick them into thinking they're in jeopardy. Eleven seasons of doing this; every so often he does fool us, but most of the time it's just silly.

Then UK boy band "The Wanted" performs as the show stalls to fill its hour. They're about what you'd expect; a bunch of kids in leather jackets trying to look hard, scowling in unison as they sing "I'm Glad You Came." Big smiles all around at the end though.

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