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Jovany Barreto goes cheesy, Jordan Dorsey gets ripped on 'American Idol'

Shipbuilder Jovany Barreto next on "American Idol," dressed in a cheesy vest and dress pant ensemble, oddly singing "I'll Be."

Guess he's trying to be tender and get the girls' vote, but it just seems at odds with his persona. A soaring voice, but very cruise shippy. Big applause from the crowd.

"Holy shipyards," says Steven Tyler, calling the second performance in a row "beautiful." Jennifer Lopez liked it, too. Randy Jackson said it felt very karaoke, nothing "different or unique or new."

Oh gosh, if Tyler and J.Lo both go happy talk all night, this is gonna be unbearable. They were so much better during the auditions.

Possibly jerky Jordan Dorsey is next. From the get-go he's suave, commanding, comfortable, sexy; has the girls squealing. Totally energetic with "OMG," it's like he's a star already. Milks the crowd, over-the-top but fills the stage. 

Wow, Tyler didn't like it, nor did J.Lo. They didn't think that's who he really is, and he oddly totally agrees with her that he's more Nat King Cole than Usher. Randy rips him too, says his voice was all over the place.

He agrees with everyone. No way he's gonna move on. I don't know, I liked the performance and the energy.


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