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Julie Zorrilla's dress, Haley Reinhart's voice impress on 'American Idol'

Julie Zorrilla, who I've liked from the get-go, is next on "American Idol," in her trademark cool dress -- all white and ballerina-ish this time.

Does a soaring "Breakaway."She has the spirit down pat, really emotes well and tells the story. She's just a good performer. Not the best vocalist, but a good contestant.

Jennifer Lopez says not the best, wanted more from the heart. Randy Jackson wants something different or new, just sang it "not nearly as good" as Kelly Clarkson. Steven Tyler calls it the "wrong song."

Haley Reinhart is next. She could be great or horrible.. She's in a small black dress with gold trim. Starts off totally controlled and big on "Fallin'." a really good song choice for her husky voice. She keeps me listening. She's playing with the song and the audience. 

Keep waiting for it build to something amazing, but the song just isn't set up for that. It's a display of vocal talent, more than a real performance.

Randy says the song "didn't do anything for you." He says it's a bit too karaoke. Steven disagrees. He says its "just the right amount of style, just the right amount of sexy" and he liked her rasp. J.Lo liked all the "different colors" in her voice, but wants her to perform more, let it go and tells her not to think too much.

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