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Karen Rodriguez sings smoothly, Tynisha Roches runs wild on 'American Idol'

Karen Rodriguez, 21, from New York City, performs

Karen Rodriguez, 21, from New York City, performs in front of the "American Idol" judges on the show airing Feb. 3. Credit: Fox

Karen Rodriguez, who auditioned on MySpace, is next up on "American Idol" singing "You Give Good Love." They like her confidence and voice. She has a really nice smile and infectious excitement.

"I want to be the first Latina 'American Idol,' " she says. 

Tynisha Roches does the splits, seems a bit odd, like she lives in her own world. She walks in with her own mike and a hat and keeps saying "aow!" She says she's doing a tribute to Frank Sinatra;  and it's is pretty bad. It's all over the place and she can't remember the words.

Sings again and again even though the judges want none of it. I've only seen this technique work like once or twice in 10 years. As per usual, security gets called in after she starts chasing Randy Jackson around.

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