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Kat Heigl REALLY, REALLY wants to go back to 'Grey's Anatomy'

Katherine Heigl on the cover of Redbook magazine.

Katherine Heigl on the cover of Redbook magazine. Credit: Redbook/James White

Katherine Heigl, who left “Grey's Anatomy” a couple of seasons ago under what could best be called a “cloud,” took to the airwaves again Tuesday morning to make a case for her return.

The quick news on this -- she's wants to get back with Alex. But I am now beginning to wonder if there is a method to all this -- grab some quick headlines and blog posts (like this one) which will then dutifully mention her new movie, “One for the Money.” If so, mission accomplished!

But I also think it's pretty well established now that she will be returning. It's just a matter of when. (And it's not too late to take my poll — should Kat return to 'Grey's' -- if you haven't already.)

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