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Kate Gosselin gives kids to Palin; calls her "crazy"

 The stuff you can find out by watching reality TV such as...Kate Gosselin is a pain in the neck. 

(No, we already knew that.)

On last night's big show - "Sarah and Kate's Alaska" - we learned that Kate gave up her kids - apparently for adoption - to the Palins, after she could no longer take moose hotdogs or Sarah's incessant chatty cheerfulness. (Actually, she didn't, but she was prepared to. She bailed on a simple camping trip instead, after whining so loudly and so passionately that even Palin was preparing to turn her moose-killing firearms on her reluctant and miserable companion.)

What a show.

If you missed the show, this clip is a good place to start, wherein Kate melts down pretty much completely. This pretty much rules out her chances as Palin's running mate in 2012...Then on to the next clip where..


....Kate says Sarah is "crazy." 

  "Crazy," says Willow after mom bellows with junbridled joy after blowing away a target.

  "That's just what I was gonna say," says Kate. "She's crazy."

  Watch! And cringe! 




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