Katelyn Epperly singing "I Feel the Earth Move" on "American Idol," with her hair all teased out and standing at the keyboards. I think right off the bat it's the wrong choice, something is missing -- it seems a bit too forced, not a natural fit.

And a weird lack of energy in her voice, nothing at all compelling about it. It's surprisingly ordinary for me. Just waiting for it to be over, glad it's the short version of the songs tonight.

Randy is just laughing, liked the Carole King hair, didn't feel the right connection or vibe, "very put on, nothing special, little sleepy." Ellen doesn't think that was the song to wow people with, "just wasn't enough."

Kara says "I didn't think you were competing tonight, just going through the motions," not sure what happened. Asks her if she knows what happened, she says "I was trying to be less corny."

Simon praises her hair, then pans her, says like request night in a restaurant, thinks "other people look like they were trying harder."

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