Katelyn Epperly, in a little pale pouf skirt on "American Idol," tells us she was actually studying to be a recording engineer. She's singing "The Scientist," at the piano.

Whooo, a soaring, interesting and intimate tone right off the bat, and it makes you listen. A bit rough in the middle, but a lot of power and emotion in the performance. Never 100% connects with me, but I think it's pretty good, actually, with a huge last line.

Randy says he really liked it, way slow, but didn't like the last few pitchy notes. Ellen says it was too slow, fell a bit asleep, keeps saying "too slow." 

Kara says "I kind of love you, I kind of do." She says Katelyn's really good, even when she's all over the place. Then she adds:  "Figure out who you are though, real quick." I know exactly what Kara means. There's something about Katelyn that could really explode into stardom, she has a serious artistic vibe but also a refreshing personality.

Simon says it was good, but be careful not to be too corny.

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