Comedian Kathy Griffin spoke at length on Monday about her sudden departure from E! network's "Fashion Police," saying the parting was amicable and a matter of comedy styles.

"I was trying to be a team player," Griffin, 54, said on the daytime talk show "The View," "and the show is very formulaic and that's how they like it. It's just not my thing. And so when it came time to leave, they were very nice to me and they weren't mean and evil."

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Griffin -- who had been hand-selected by executive producer Melissa Rivers to succeed her late mother, Joan Rivers -- explained that her abrupt departure after seven episodes came about because, "I kind of felt like I was being forced to comment about pictures of beautiful women in perfect dresses and say kind of bad things. . . . As a feminist and a comic, it just didn't feel like the right fit for me."

On Howard Stern's SiriusXM radio program, Griffin derided rumors of friction between herself and fellow co-host Kelly Osbourne, who left the show for unrelated reasons. "But," Griffin said, "I will say this . . . I've never worked on a show with so many leaks. I mean, it seems like people -- 'sources say' -- were constantly calling, you know, TMZ and Radar Online. . . . It's a leaky boat over there."

Ultimately, she conceded, "I don't really feel it was my best work, I'll be honest. I mean, I stand by my specials and my series, and I feel like, you know, the lane that that show was in is so specific, that they weren't able to make the transition to kind of the comedic lane that I work in."