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Katie Couric: Still no decision?!

Suppose at this point we just have to take Katie Couric at her word:

She hasn't made up her mind!

She loves her job at CBS!

She doesn't know what she'll do, honestly!

Honestly, this is what she told Matt Lauer a little while ago, which is what she told Barbara Walters yesterday, too. Consistency is, I suppose, a good thing.

(Or as Emerson said: "a foolish consistency is the bugaboo of small minds." )

But here's the correct question: Has CBS made up its mind about the future of CBS anchorship? And the answer is that of course it has. Couric can play the Hamlet role all she wants, but CBS has to worry about the future as well, and it can't sit around while someone publicly plays the to-be-or-not-to-be game.

The other fascinating part of this interview is the fact that Lauer didn't even ask about the most obvious issue of them all - that NY Times revelation the other day that she and Lauer are discussing a syndicated show.

How would Lauer have shaped the question? "Umm, is is true you and I are talking about launching a syndicated show?"

Couric: "I don't know, Matt. Apparently we haven't made up our minds yet."

But if you listen - and I'll post as soon as I get - it really does kinda sound like Couric's thought this out, and of course she has: She says syndication is appealing because of "the greater freedom ... to really dig deep and have a smart, intelligent conversation."

Now, Katie: We've known each other a long time. Can I be honest here? I know you're an intelligent, smart conversationalist, but there's as much chance for intelligent, smart conversation in syndicated TV as there is for extended lifespan for a snowball in the depths of hell.

But then, have you even watched syndicated TV? Oprah can (occasionally - and believe me, not always) hold smart conversations, but she also has to do the silly stuff too. KC wants to have "smart conversations about a whole host of subjects" like health and medical topics; but in a way, that's already being done and being done a lot. "Oz," and "The Doctors." And all those guys are doctors.

She's interested in politics, too, and well she should be. But again, is the average viewer who's watching TV about 11 in the morning interested in politics? That's the question you also have to ask. So good luck, Katie. Make that decision! We'll then write up another post.


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