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Katie Stevens briefly joins Paige Miles and Tim Urban in 'American Idol' bottom three

Andrew Garcia and Katie Stevens are sitting at the end together, but Aaron Kelly stands up next on "American Idol's" results show, I thought he was the best performer last night, and he's fine.

Didi Benami is next. She'll be fine, too -- just based on the order with which Ryan's going through the group. She annoyingly starts going off about how she has no idea what the judges what her to do, gets all whiny. Simon tells her, "sometimes you overthink things." She says, "I can't hear you." She's safe, she'll do whatever she wants next week anyway.

Michael Lynche is next, and he's fine, too. Crystal Bowersox is, of course, safe, too. If she makes it through, and says she's going listen to "me." She's not going to win this thing. She isn't likeable (enough).

Katie Stevens and Andrew Garcia stand up last. I like both, but think Andrew will be gone. He disagrees, but nicely, with the judges saying he doesn't know himself as an artist.

And... Katie is in the bottom three, Andrew's safe. Ryan then sends Katie right back to safety. So it'll deservedly be either Paige or Tim.

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