Katie Stevens sings right away as eight women are back and up first on 'American Idol' -- which is cutting to its top 12 this week. Just an hour tonight, so right to it, singing "Breakaway" in her low voice, all in black with a grayish top.

Not sure about this choice, it's almost dirge-like for the first half. She really soars after the bridge, shows off her strong voice and energy. Overall, nice parts, but nothing amazing.

Randy says the song's too big for you, doesn't work for him. Ellen liked she went young, calls it the right choice, but didn't find the words believable. Kara says you have a great radio voice, but you don't know yourself yet, singing not perfect.

Simon says it's been confusing for you, a ton of advice, but also says you don't know what kind of artist you'll be, "sucked the energy" out of the second half. But nice try.

Wow, Ryan reminds us she was just eight when Kelly Clarkson won! Sheesh.

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