Katie Stevens says she can say "give me a kiss" in six languages, reels it off, then adds, "I'm like embarrassed for myself that I can do that." She has a funny level of self-awareness mixed with bliss, and is super-charming. 

Singing "Put Your Records On," in a blueish top and black pants. Kind of an odd choice, it doesn't really fit her vibe -- she's obviously having fun singing it and wrapping her voice around the lyrics, but it doesn't really fit for me. She has a good voice, shows it off a bit, especially as it goes on, but kind of a disconnect, even though I enjoy listening to it.

Randy said she had some really good moments, but first part was pitchy and all over the place, and that she should believe a bit more in her ability to tackle bigger songs. Ellen loves her voice, wants her to sing younger, nothing she can hear in her dentist's office.

Kara says she has so much potential, opening up at the end, do that from the get-go and pull us in. Pick a song that you can do more with, that doesn't just sound good on the radio. Simon says you're not telling us what kind of artist you want to be, but you'll stick around because people like you.

I hope so. She's one of those contestants who can really grow and hit her sweet spot in front of us.

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