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Katie Stevens in the bottom three on 'American Idol' as Simon and Ryan embarrass themselves

Siobhan Magnus and Katie Stevens are sitting next to each other in the back row as "American Idol" cuts to nine.

But it's Lee Dewyze on the hot seat first. He's not going to get cut, of course. He had the best performance last night in my opinion -- and he's safe. Casey James next. Ugh. He's safe, unfortunately. Admits he has "no good answer" for what he can do to challenge himself more, as Kara told him to do.

Aaron Kelly next, admits that, at 16, he's never been in love. Ryan quizzes him about it, Simon tells him, "this is not the Oprah Winfrey show." Ryan gets flustered and gets hostile at Simon like he usually does. It's just a waste of time.

And indeed, it's Siobhan and Katie standing up together. Siobhan defends her performance, says hey, I'm human, and adds that, unlike the way she was portrayed in the opening video, she's not feeling defeated.

Katie shows a lot of poise, says she takes in what she needs to from the judges that can benefit her. And . . . Katie's in the bottom three, again. Siobhan is just sobbing.

Meanwhile, Simon is telling Ryan he's really getting on his nerves. I'm sick of the two of them. There's real hostility there as they battle to be alpha dog (uh, Ryan, there's no hope for you). 

And in the meantime, the contestants are left literally sitting by themselves on stage.

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