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Katie Stevens is totally confused by judges on 'American Idol'

Katie Stevens tells Usher she has met him before, walking around Epcot Center. Singing "Chain of Fools," and I'm not really sure why. He likes her energy and voice, just wants some "pizzazz and attitude," connect with the audience. She's smooth with him after her initial nervousness, fun to watch.

Whoa! She strides out there, total head-wagging, with a steely-glare attitude! Strong voice, too. She's definitely laying it out there. Maybe not totally believable, like a little girl playing dress-up, but it's a fun performance to watch.

And you know, she's got some soul in her voice. The longer it goes on, the better it is. She's having some fun performing up there.

Randy says it's one of the best vocals of the night. "You definitely have the pipes, own it and embrace it," he tells her. Ellen liked it, but wished it had been something a bit more current. Kara says this is where you belong, R&B pop, continuing her crusade from last week.

Simon says it's crazy for Randy to compare you to Christina Aguilera.  He says it was robotic and a bit cold. Doesn't want her singing R&B pop, tells her to listen to him, not Kara.

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