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Katie Stevens is unforgettable, 'lovely' Joshua Blaylock shuts Simon up

Thousands of hopefulls line up at Gillette Stadium

Thousands of hopefulls line up at Gillette Stadium in Boston for the chance to become the next AMERICAN IDOL. Photo Credit: FOX

Katie Stevens, who's close to her Portugeuse grandmother, who has Alzheimer's. Wants her to see her "succeed in her dream" while she can still remember. Starts singing "At Last" to her, transitions to her audtion in a nice editing touch.

She's really good for a 16-year-old, they're all sitting quiet listening to her. "Good natural talent," says Randy, they all like her. Victoria likes her happy stage presence, she has a TON of family there, they go nuts.

Wow, what a great story. Her grandmother is so excited on the phone, she tells her "I won." Well, not quite yet; Ryan is teary-eyed. Yup, an official "why we watch" moment.

Joshua Blaylock, from NYC, 28 and his last shot. Big smile, very charismatic, a bit of Kris Allen to him, some country in there. "Nice little voice" says Victoria, Simon says it'd have been a great voice... if you were 14. No presence, no power, no originality.

Simon wants him to be assertive, Randy wants him to tell Simon to shut up, he says it -- but adds please, with a laugh.

They have fun messing with him, he's really a nice guy. "Just on his loveliness I'm gonna say yes" says Kara. He gets through, Randy tries to pump him up -- "I'm gonna be somebody! It's kindof odd as they all wind up saying afterwards.

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