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Katie Stevens, Lee Dewzye and behind-the-scenes footage top 'American Idol'


The "American Idol" top 9: Clockwise from bottom left: Katie Stevens, Aaron Kally, Lee DeWyze, Casey James, Andrew Garcia, Tim Urban, Crystal Bowersox, Siobhan Magnus and Michael Lynche. (March 31, 2010) Photo Credit: Fox

Katie Stevens and Lee Dewyze were best on 'American Idol' on a night where almost everyone was pretty good singing the songs of John Lennon and Paul McCartney, without a guest mentor -- and when Fox decided to pump up the reality-show factor.

Katie did "Let It Be" pretty straight up, but gave it just enough of her unique tone that it wasn't generic; her vocals were pure and soared, and her hot-pink dress fit the less-is-more theme.

Plus, Katie showed off a totally sharp sense of humor talking about the other contestants for the behind-the-scenes footage that "Idol" should've added years ago. In some ways, hearing the contestants lovingly and knowingly make fun of one another was the best part of the night.

Lee Dewyze finished the evening off with a perfectly-chosen "Hey Jude" that fit his tone well and let him display some charisma and get the audience involved. He's getting comfortable up there, which is bad news for some of the previous front-runners.

Here's how I ranked everyone; don't forget to add your thoughts in the comments, below:

1) Katie Stevens gave us a great pure vocal with "Let It Be" -- from the simple singing to her dress, she made all the right choices

2) Lee Dewyze soared on "Hey Jude," which fit his tone like a glove; I liked the bagpiper that suddenly showed up, actually, just zany enough to fit his personality

3) Siobhan Magnus is one of my faves, her "Across the Universe" was powerful and a great pure vocal; and we all felt for her when she teared up talking about her sisters

4) Michael Lynche was a bit over-the-top with "Eleanor Rigby," but it was such a creative, powerful take that Kara was right to call it "fire"

5) Casey James flashed his soul with "Jealous Guy," I wasn't drinking the Kool-Aid like the judges, but parts of it were definitely worth listening to

6) Crystal Bowersox played second-fiddle to the didgeridoo on "Come Together" -- as always she was good, as always I just thought, well done

7) Andrew Garcia makes us want to like his "Can't Buy Me Love," but as Kara said even though it sounded good there just wasn't anything new

8) Aaron Kelly got lost a bit with "Long and Winding Road," as Kara noted he's beginning to do the same song every week

9) Tim Urban's "All My Loving" could've been pretty good but he made it bland; apparently having Beatles-ish hair is good enough for the judges now. Maybe they were using reverse psychology in praising him, since his nutty fan base seems to be jazzed up by all the criticism so far.

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