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Katie Stevens makes it on 'American Idol,' Angela Martin makes us wish she did

Just 10 top 24 semifinalist spots left on 'American Idol,' 17-year-old Katie Stevens, whose grandmother has Alzheimer's and whom I really like, is up next. I think she'll make it; but they haven't sent anyone home yet tonight....

Ellen just does her reverse-psychology shtick, and then tells her she's going through. I don't get it, it's a one-trick pony, why does Ellen keep doing it?! Simon asks how's her grandma, she doesn't sugarcoat it; I really like her.

They show a bunch of people cut in a row, none of whom I really know, so I can't say if it was the right call or what. I guess it's efficient this way at least, we don't even see their names though.

Angela Martin, her third try; I like her. Her dad was killed the first time, second time she was jailed for a traffic violation or something. She looks nervous; is crying just coming up there, Kara sits in the chair with her to comfort her.

Oh-oh, she must've gotten cut ... everyone looks sad, including Simon. And she did, but they want her to keep going. What a stand-up move by Kara, she really is a very decent person; it's the kind of thing Paula would've done.

"I can't give up, it's not an option; I love music, music heals me." Wow.

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