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Katie Stevens transformed after meeting Miley Cyrus on 'American Idol'

Katie Stevens meets her fellow 17-year-old, Miley Cyrus, on "American Idol." She's singing "Big Girls Don't Cry" by Fergie. She got a confidence boost from Miley, she says, and great advice, to find out who you are and do it.

Soulful, slow and controlled at the start, sincere and she sounds like she knows what she's singing. Then busts out into the chorus. It's powerful and this is why we liked Katie at the beginning. Totally contemporary, too; and has pretty good stage presence. The best I've seen her in a while, shows the power of picking a song that fits.

Randy found it a bit sharp, but liked how it was a younger song, and how she listened to their advice. Ellen says your best so far, sounded great. Kara says you found yourself, pop with R&B leanings, this is your vibe, but tells her she still has "mad pitch issues."

Simon thinks meeting Miley Cyrus was big for her, and tells her she looks way better, but adds he's not sure if she's totally believable singing these songs, and tells her she's competing against a lot of big talent in this genre -- but that it was"a good performance.

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