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Keith Olbermann: First night

How was Keith Olbermann's first night after a somewhat prolonged absence from MSNBC -- which must have seen him bouncing wildly around the halls of Current TV (They do have "halls" there, right?) every time something momentous was happening and there was no camera around to record  his ruminations on said momentous event?  

  I don't know. I couldn't see the show. 

  In a way, it was if nothing had changed. 

 Cablevision doesn't carry Current -- and let's hope that changes now that there's actually something of interest to see on it  -- and judging from the website, Current doesn't look like it's of a mind to share much of the show either. Three clips only, and they're kind of brief.

Here are two, and the show very much looks like old, right down to the Bach track on "Worst Persons." Even his "Worst Persons" are the usual suspects -- Palin and "Fox Noise."  (You will also note that this clip is coded to automatically play the moment you click on to TV Zone. Let's hope they fix that soon, too.)


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