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Kelsey Grammer's 'Boss' is canceled

KELSEY GRAMMER IN "BOSS" (Starz) A dazzling performance


A dazzling performance by a veteran talent best known for comedy -- not violent browbeating and political blustering and huckstering in the mold of a former (and unnamed) mayor of Chicago.

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"Boss," the big, brassy Chicago-based drama that was designed to be Kelsey Grammer's re-entry into the world of TV -- and especially Emmy contention -- is no more.

Starz has pulled the plug on the show, citing low ratings. In fact, nonexistent ones. The show lasted two seasons, got some pretty positive notices -- including from me -- but never got any viewer traction.

Grammer was often brilliant in the role of a brutal big city mayor. How brutal? Well, he murders his chief aide for one. Hey, it's Chicago. In New York, the mayor just bans giant soft drinks.

But the show looked like it was veering off track by the beginning of the second season, with a wacky assassination plotline. But the first season pilot was something to behold -- beautifully acted, directed and conceived. At first blush, "Boss" looked it would be a keeper. So much for first blushes.

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