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Kenzie Palmer and Caleb Hawley soars, Rachel Zevita stumbles on 'American Idol'

Ha, the "American Idol" auditions crowd at the Meadowlands is actually chanting "Jersey, Jersey" as Ryan Seacrest runs out. He dumbly asks Jennifer Lopez if she knows what to expect. She says, "I hope so, I've been watching the show for 10 years!"

First up . . . Rachel Zevita, who auditioned horribly in season 6 but made it to Hollywood somehow (I don't really remember her). But Lopez does!

"Me and Marc were sitting at home watching on TV . . ." Wow, what a great line to toss out there. She does a horribly deep version of "Hallelujah." I mean, we've seen some amazing versions on this show -- Jason Castro! -- this is just bad.

Right away Lopez is playing the Paula role, in her tone, her words, even her cuddling with Randy; nicely says that was bad. Tyler says something that doesn't make sense. Oddly, they put her through, based on what Lopez remembers from four years ago?! 

Caleb Hawley is next, and he's another New Yorker. Tyler says weirdly, "I know why you're here; we're all here because we're not all there." OK . . .

Hawley's got some soul in his voice; not melodically that pleasant, but interesting rendition of "Hallelujah I Love Her."

Tyler loves it and flips out, Lopez thinks he's cute, Randy liked it. He's through, not bad.

Kenzie Palmer is next. I like her right away -- She's 15, has a sweet smile and a nice, bluesy voice. She's doing "Crazy Ride." Confident, something compelling. Tyler says "you sang beautiful, but I wasn't feeling that pizzazz." 

Lopez totally disagrees. Randy wants her to move more. Lopez is like "come on guys!" They wind up agreeing she needs more energy, and putting her through. 

She goes nuts outside the room and Lopez says "you guys are crazy!" I agree, Palmer was good and I think she's already a contender for semifinals. I thought she had something special.

Achille Lovle from the Ivory Coast appears next. She's clearly nervous. She has an odd, operatic style, like a slowed-down LP of a cabaret singer. Tyler says you've got so much drama, "but you got no notes."

Afterward, Lopez says she feels "awful" after they pan her, "why'd I sign up for this?! I wanna go home!" 

Yeah, total Paula.

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