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Key and Peele are Super Bowl ‘experts’ in Squarespace’s commercial

In Squarespace's Super Bowl 50 commerical, Key and

In Squarespace's Super Bowl 50 commerical, Key and Peele become Lee and Morris. Credit: Squarespace

Keegan-Michael Key and Jordan Peele are starring in what may the most unusual Super Bowl 50 promotion — for website builder Squarespace. They’ve created a couple of new characters for the occasion — Lee and Morris. Not sure who is who . . . guess that’s the fun of the whole thing or maybe it just doesn’t matter?

But here’s the twist: Via, the lads will call the entire game through their characters. And of course, there’s an ad — which was just released.

What to say about Lee and Morris? Well, their game knowledge appears limited. They also have sartorial quirks.

They will remind you of some other characters — like Key’s Devon, or maybe a slightly toned down version of the “Valets.”

But they are amusing.

The line from the Squarespace release explaining this live streaming “event”:

“They’ve [Key and Peele] pooled their resources together and set up a website on Squarespace for the live broadcast, with one massive oversight — they don’t have the rights to talk about the actual game. They decide to move forward with the plan anyway . . .”

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