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Key and Peele on Showtime's 'Inside Comedy' Monday

"Key & Peele": Keegan-Michael Key and Jordan Peele -- late of "MadTV" -- have their own sketch comedy show, you may have heard, and you have also heard that it, and they, are extremely funny, and whoever told you that was telling the truth. Third season (on Comedy Central) begins mid-September, but Hulu has enough Key and Peele to keep you binge-happy for a few hours. Credit: AP

Keegan-Michael Key and Jordan Peele comprise one of the funniest teams working in television today, and so this makes perfect sense: They'll be featured on David Steinberg's "Inside Comedy" on Showtime this Monday at 11 p.m. More Key & Peele news: Comedy Central just added more episodes to this season's run, and handed them a deal to produce an animated series. They'll also be on FX's "Fargo." (Seriously, they will be... .)

Garry Marshall will also be on Monday's edition (11 p.m.). I don't have a clip of Marshall, but here's one of Key and Peele.

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