Thirty-four athletes -- from UFC champs to snowboarders -- have vied for the mirrored ball on ABC's "Dancing With the Stars" during the show's first 16 seasons. For its 17th season (starting tomorrow at 8 p.m.), the jiving jock is Keyshawn Johnson, the former Jets wide receiver (and author of the erudite tome, "Just Give Me the Damn Ball"). He also will be the 12th former or current NFL player to be a contestant. He certainly has a high bar to shoot for -- three of his fellow gridders have won the competition and none have been the first to be eliminated.

Here's how the other pigskin hoofers have done, ranked by order of finish:

1. Donald Driver, Hines Ward and Emmitt Smith (winners, seasons 14, 12 and 2, respectively)

2. Jason Taylor, Warren Sapp and Jerry Rice (runners-up, seasons 6, 7 and 2, respectively).

3. Jacoby Jones (third place, season 16)

4. Chad Ochocinco (eliminated 10th, season 10)

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5. Michael Irvin (eliminated ninth, season 9)

6. Kurt Warner (eliminated eighth, season 11)

7. Lawrence Taylor (eliminated seventh, season 8)