79° Good Afternoon
79° Good Afternoon

Kez Ban, Breanna Steer, Angela Miller and Janelle Arthur pull a surprise on 'American Idol'

Kalli Therinale's group on “American Idol” changed their song just two hours ago, which cannot be good — they ask their mentors if that's a good idea, the answer is a resounding “No!“

Nevertheless they attempt to perform “Somebody I Used to Know.“ It's a train wreck, even their parents in the audience are wincing. “Honestly, it was terrible,“ says Randy Jackson. Most of them didn't even remember the words. Half the group somehow manages to move on, but not Therinale.

Ryan Seacrest says an unusually large number of performers seem to have forgotten the lyrics this season. My gosh, if you've ever watched the show, you know the #1 rule of group performances is you must know the words.

A bunch of them try to write their lyrics on their hands or arms. Nicki Minaj shows the camera a shot of her hand, on which she's written, “They suck.“

Britnee Kellogg, Kree Harrison, Brandy Neely, Haley Davis do an up-temp, non-hokey version of “Praise the Lord and Pass the Ammunition,“ they actually sing together well and on what's been a horrible day stand out for just being half-competent.

Davis didn't kow the words and had to write them on the hand; she gets raked over by Minaj for going to bed before the rest of her group. Split decisions from the judges but they all move on, except for Neely.

Last up is Kez Ban's dysfunctional group; the rest of the group leave her at the hotel in the morning after she doesn't show. But you know, she can sing; leads off “Be My Baby” with a great tone and right in key; Breanna Steer next, then Angela Miller, with sultry Janelle Arthur finishing.

They're quite good; no choreography to speak of, and it's like a series of solo performances. But it's a good song choice and enjoyable to listen to.

Gets Minaj up on her feet. “The voices — perfection,“ she says. “I think all four, you're really special.“ In one of the only unanimous decisions of the day all four go on, with the judges calling them “the best group of the day.“

The group is shocked; based on all the drama it's a minor miracle, but they smartly didn't get in each other's way up there.

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