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'30 Rock' and Kim Jong Il: Now what?

Thanks to the Wrap, I'm reminded that fearless and now dearly departed leader Kim Jong Il figured prominently in last season's "30 Rock" and will do so again in the 6th season, beginning Jan. 12. Avery (Elizabeth Banks) - Jack Donaghy's beloved - was kidnapped by Kim (Margaret Cho) to be his high-powered publicist and possible love interest. Jack (Alec Baldwin) addresses the Kim storyline in the new season (clip, about two minutes in), and suggests that there are any number of ways Avery's dilemma can be handled.

Seems to me "Rock" can go a couple of different ways: Pretend Kim is still alive (absolute veracity or an accurate reflection of world events has never been a strong suit of the show); it could have her assume the same role for Kim Jong Un, the new leader; or have her return stateside as a Stockholm Syndrome zombie who longs for the good old days in North Korea.


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