Good Afternoon
Good Afternoon

Kim Kardashian takes Manhattan -- and us, too?

Speculating about Kim Kardashian's motives post-Humphries is a fool's game -- best left to those with an endless reserve of time or gullibility. Who knows whether this divorce is real or simply part of the narrative -- a part that can be rewritten in a later chapter, depending on what she and her muse, Ryan Seacrest, devise.

But on the eve of this Sunday's return of "Kourtney and Kim Take Manhattan," I can't help myself -- which I suppose makes me a fool.

Guilty, as charged. A sucker's born every minute after all; nevertheless, I now notice another tab report that insists KK is planning on a reconciliation with Humphries because it's good business, and good TV.

In any event, I've reviewed this Sunday's premiere -- see below -- and have come to the conclusion that you can never believe a single thing you see attached to the Kardashian TV brand -- it's all artifice in service of the greater "good," namely money.

This new season could be 1) revenge, 2) image control, 3) most intriguing of all, part of a clever little TV plot that has broken the fourth wall. It's all very "meta" -- I think that's the right term in this context -- and devious, if true.

"Kourtney and Kim Take Manhattan," E!, Sunday, 10.

Reason to watch: Watch the Kardashian-Humphries marriage deteriorate.

What it's about: This second season of "K&L" was supposed to be about Kris and Kim, as they head to the big city to open yet another DASH, while hanging -- in fact living -- with Kourtney, baby Mason, and Eastport native and Mason's father, Scott Disick. Supposed to be, but no more.

Instead, the season premiere is a highly detailed setup of how this marriage hit the rocks so fast -- call it the War of the Humphries. After the honeymoon in Italy, they head to New York on a private jet, and move into a duplex at the Gansevoort Hotel with Scott and Kourtney.

Tensions mount quickly: Kris is a slob, which bugs Kim. Kourtney has embraced a macrobiotic lifestyle -- which really bugs Scott and Kris. Soon, everyone is bugging everyone, and by episode's end, both Scott and Kris have moved out.

My say: Watch this and you begin to think the 72-day marriage was an eternity. How did it ever last THAT long? 72 hours would have been too long.

As portrayed here, Kris is a bore, bumpkin, blowhard and boob. He passes gas. He's self-absorbed. And he is kind of slob, come to think of it.

Kim? She's a darling! Does nothing wrong. Is kind and considerate. Is always reasonable. And never ever passes gas. Yes, you guessed right, dear reader: Kim Kardashian had complete editorial control of this show (per reports). And also -- per those same all-knowing reports -- she planned to use this new edition to 1) exact some revenge, and 2) rehab her image.

Whether those reports are accurate, the practical intent is the same. She does both, and how. Who knows whether any of this portrayal is true -- it's an E! reality show, for crying out loud. Truth is not an option!

What's fascinating is just how ruthlessly it's been edited, or (more likely) re-edited since the break-up to turn you-know-who into Little Ms. Perfect.

Bottom line: Spin, spin, spin with Kim at the controls.

Grade: C- 



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