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Kimberly Kerbow and Danielle Hayes do it the hard way on 'American Idol'

Single mother Kimberly Kerbow and her 5-year-old with attitude are next up on "American Idol," singing "The Way I Am," has a big smile and a decent voice.

Simon thinks "she's trouble" but sends her through, you can tell he likes her because she's got some spirit. He then tells us she was wearing a wig.

Danielle Hayes, who also has a young kid, 3 years old, with her, wants to get to the next level so she can support her family. She's crying even before she starts singing, says it's hard to pursue a singing career. "I'm the Only," wow, in a totally strong, almost harsh voice, has a Janis Joplin thing going on. 

Simon says, "I like you, I don't know what's going on in your life, but you're almost broken, but you may have come in here just in time." Kara was moved, Victoria calls her "gorgeous," and she's through.

I like people like Danielle on this show, because they care so much and are totally sincere, sometimes frightening so, in their desire to make it.

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