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Good Afternoon

'Revenge of the Nerds' reality take-off on TBS

TBS has ordered eight episodes of a reality take-off of "Revenge of the Nerds" and just to make this really nerdy and'll be hosted by Robert Carradine and Curtis Armstrong, of said nerd movie. Show will be called "King of the Nerds." It arrives next year, and of course I've posted some stuff from the movie - from 1984! - below. 

  Actually, being a nerd myself, this sounds like a pretty good idea for a reality show, although the winner trip to the Johnson Space Center?...a cameo (at least) on "The Big Bang Theory?" 

 Sorry - none of those. Instead, the winner is crowned "quintessential master of all things nerdy." (Which, really, isn't bad at all. )

 Here's some nerdy stuff from the nerdy release...

"King of the Nerds is primed to become television's ultimate nerd-off. The show invites competitors spanning the full nerd spectrum to come together to face challenges that will test their intellect, ingenuity, skills and pop-culture prowess. The nerds will first compete as teams before moving on to individual challenges, all with the goal of being named the quintessential master of all things nerdy.

"It's been said we're living in the 'Age of the Nerd', and if so, what better way to acknowledge that than to have a competition to crown the King of the Nerds?" said Michael Wright, executive vice president, head of programming for TBS, TNT and Turner Classic Movies (TCM). "King of the Nerds is a lot of fun as it not only celebrates nerd culture, but also illuminates it. We believe King of the Nerds is an ideal fit with The Big Bang Theory, and we look forward to having it on the network"

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