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‘The Blue Knight,’ ‘Knight Rider,’ more shows about knights

George Kennedy as an LAPD cop on

George Kennedy as an LAPD cop on "The Blue Knight." Credit: CBS

“Knightfall,” a drama focusing on the medieval Knights Templar, premieres Wednesday, Dec. 6, on the History channel — and that turns our thoughts to these five, non-medieval “Knight” series:

THE BLUE KNIGHT (CBS, 1975-76) George Kennedy starred as LAPD cop Bumper Morgan in this series adaptation of Joseph Wambaugh’s bestseller (a 1973 miniseries adaptation starred William Holden as Morgan).

KNIGHT RIDER (NBC, 1982-86; 2008-09) David Hasselhoff and the souped-up talking car known as KITT shared top billing in the original series. Justin Bruening starred in the less-successful 21st century revival.

KNIGHTWATCH (ABC, 1988-89) New York City’s volunteer anti-crime patrol, the Guardian Angels, inspired this drama about a similar group, Knights of the City, headed by a former gang leader (Benjamin Bratt).

KNIGHT & DAYE (NBC, 1989) Jack Warden and Mason Adams starred in this summer sitcom about two radio personalities who reluctantly agree to reunite after a 40-year estrangement over a woman (Hope Lange).

FOREVER KNIGHT (CBS, USA, 1992-96) An odd duck, this one: a cross between a cop drama and a supernatural saga. Geraint Wyn Davies starred as a homicide cop who could only work the night shift because in reality he was an 800-year-old vampire who was unable to show his face during daylight.

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