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72° Good Afternoon

Kree Harrison, Candice Glover safe; Charlie Askew, Bon Jovi rock on 'American Idol'

Devin Velez, Janelle Arthur and Candice Glover are up first as "American Idol" is looking to cut someone tonight. Glover is into the top three, which means she's deservedly safe for tonight. 

The show's officially crossed the line -- the finalists next sing a song from an upcoming animated film. It's not even a very good song; clips from the film play behind them as they practice being corporate shills.

Kree Harrison gets to hang out with Ryan Seacrest after the song; they bring out the mayor of her hometown, who gives her a key to the city. And she's also in the top three.

Bon Jovi comes out to sing -- 21 minutes into the show and this is the first thing half worth watching, they're doing "Because We Can." It's a good song, and they perform it with energy and their classic tone.

Charlie Askew then returns to do his own song, "Sky Blue Diamond," for a shot to join the summer tour. He's fantastic; voice soars out pure and compelling -- immediately puts to shame the other guys, who were mostly mediocre last night. I'd actually look for this on YouTube; it sticks in your mind afterward.

Judges all give him a standing ovation, except for Mariah Carey, who hasn't been standing lately because of her "tight dress."

Aubrey Cleland then comes out to battle him for the spot, with "Here On My Own." She's vocally strong and pours her heart into it, but it's impossible to follow Askew. She pulls off an impressive run to end the song; no standing ovation from the judges, but again, better than all the guys last night.


Phillip Phillips then returns to "American Idol," singing "Gone, Gone, Gone." He's compelling, authentic and just nice to listen to. 

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